LDM Support for Grub

grub-ldm is a patch against the grub bootloader to provide support for the LDM partitioning scheme. It allows booting from "simple" volumes created using Microsoft's Logical Disk Manager.

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Dual-booting Linux with Microsoft Windows XP

  1. Create a backup.
  2. Create logical volumes using the Microsoft tools (eg. diskpart.exe)
  3. Use qemu to install your operating system of choice into a disk image (use the "RAW" format).
  4. Boot into a Linux live-cd with LDM support. (eg. knoppix.)
  5. Modify the partition types using ldmutil.
    Ensure all of your NTFS partitions are the type "7". For each dynamic disk, you'll need to set the types for ALL disks in the volume group.
  6. Create a filesystem in the LDM volume.
  7. Loopback mount your qemu disk image, and transfer your root filesystem. Remember to modify /etc/fstab.
    hint: losetup -o 32256 file.img /dev/loop0
  8. Install grub-ldm.
  9. Reboot.

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